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Project Portfolios

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American Masonry Supply

Cast Stone, Plaster, GFRC, Resin Moldings

American Masonry Supply is an industry leading manufacturer of architectural cast stone products, cast stone mantels, ornamental plaster, glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), decorative resin and plaster moldings. AMS's architectural cast stone products includes items such as cast stone columns, cast stone balustrade, cast stone entry ways, finials, and much more. With an extensive collection of elegantly hand crafted cast stone moulds and expertise in field of design, carving, and production AMS is able to consistently provide quality, clarity, detail, durability and beauty to every cast stone project.

AMS cast stone products, plaster, GFRC and resin products are utilized in both residential and commercial projects, from elegant chateaus to museums, stadiums, universities and places of worship. AMS works closely with architects, designers, general contractors and homeowners to insure that your project is architecturally correct and beautiful. Request a catalog for a portfolio catalog of recent projects.

Located in the Dallas / Forth Worth metroplex, AMS currently features cast stone product and plaster production facilities, an advanced AutoCAD Drafting Studio, as well as Project Planning and Conference areas. AMS constantly strives to improve its techniques, processes, and materials to insure the highest overall quality to our customers. AMS maintains a state-of-the-art mould shop, carving department, layout areas, cast stone production lines, plaster production lines, GFRC and resin production lines. AMS has a custom packing and shipping department to better serve the growing needs of our customers. You may request samples of AMS cast stone products, resin or plaster products for consideration in your building project.

AMS Masonry Acquisition, LLC
103 Lee St., Suite A
Everman, TX 76140
Phone: 817-695-1800
Toll Free 800-411-6475

Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday 8:30am - 4:30pm
Friday 8:30am - 3:00pm

WE LOVE OUR NEW PLASTER DOME! Makes our living room look balanced. Thank you AMS!

-- William Thomas