• Custom Arched Entry - The main large entry has a custom elliptical arched opening with custom elliptical arched steel lintel for support. You can see the threaded inserts that are bolted to through the steel into the cast stone for attachment. The steel will get covered up with the natural stone as the mason continues up the wall. 
  • Arched Openings - The other openings also have custom elliptical arches with metal jamb and hidden steel support. AMS can provide both the steel and the cast stone to ensure a perfect fit. The full metal jamb was done so that the builder could install his metal doors at the end of the construction process and be sure to avoid any damage to the doors.
  • Custom Signage and Fencing - The custom corner wall detail creates a space for signage and it ties in to the existing fence for the property for a seamless look. The large panels will be the background for metal letters for a seamless and rustic look.
  • Custom Mantel - AMS has tremendously skilled carvers who created a completely custom deer carving to create the overmantel sitting above the custom mantel and fireplace. This allows extremely fine detail to show through and looks fantastic in stone.