High Quality Architectural Elements

Cast Stone can be the perfect accent for any design. American Masonry Supply is known for high-quality architectural elements, superior designs, and excellent customer service. We pledge to "give our clients more than they expect."

Our unique design and fabrication facilities allow us to be extremely creative and allow you to deal directly with the manufacturer. We maintain thousands of elegantly sculpted hand carved cast stone moulds in our design library which are available to our clients.  These moulds can easily be customized to satisfy your specific requirements.  Quality production begins with quality drawings. 

That is why AMS maintains highly qualified draftsmen that convert architectural blue prints into production shop drawings.  These drawings are then provided to our custom mould shop.  If necessary, moulds are constructed by our skilled craftsmen. After the moulds are prepared the cast stone production begins.

To create the cast stone mixture, fine aggregates are combined with cement and additives before being mixed in large turbine mixers.  This mixture is then placed in the moulds.  Intense tamping is applied to densely compact the mixture. After vigorous tamping, reinforcement is added and the mould is filled. Tamping is repeated and the piece is completed. Now the mould is turned over and examined for quality.  If the cast stone product does not meet our rigorous standards it is returned to the mix and remade.

Our products are carefully packed using Styrofoam separators and then shrink wrapped, allowing pieces to arrive on the project site in the same condition they left our manufacturing plant.

Shipping Policy

All orders are manufactured and shipped from our factory in Arlington, Texas. AMS delivers orders on AMS delivery trucks in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex only, unless special arrangements are made with AMS prior to production of the order. All out of area shipments are shipped by common carrier. The customer is responsible for all freight charges. Any claims for shipping damage should be reported in writing to AMS immdiately. Please save all broken pieces and packing materials. Please take pictures to document the damage. AMS will remake and ship any broken pieces that are reported within two weeks of claim report. Installation constitues acceptance.

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